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Wheres George? Official App

Developer: Abo Hani OLD

The long awaited Official Where's George? app for for is here!This app provides many new features, like the ability to take a snap of a bill's serial number, and the app will read the Serial Number via the "OCR" button when entering bills. Just take a photo of the bill with your phone, crop the serial number, and that's it! You can still enter the serial numbers with the spinner wheels or the keypad, whichever works best for you.
This new app also allows you access the desktop version of the website with just one tap -- if you want to access YOUR BILLS, or your HIT ANALYSIS REPORT or watch the REAL TIME Hit Feed Map, or other feature not available in the app.
The Official Where's George? app allows you to easily:
-- Enter Where's George? Bills you find in the wild (registration NOT required)-- Enter new bills you wish to track (registration required)-- Use your phone's camera to take a photo of the serial number for easy entry-- Use the phone's Location Services to find your current location/zip code-- View all the bills you entered recently-- View all your recent hits -- View Maps of your bills or recent hits-- Access the Desktop site with just one tap
All other website features are easily accessible from the "Launch Desktop Site" interface button.
I am now developing this app without any other intermediate programmers, so if you have any problems with the app or questions, PLEASE contact me first (you can send feedback right in the app), before leaving a bad review. I promise that if I can fix or change something for you to make the experience better, I will. And I'll post prompt updates to address any issues. Thank you.